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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Ghosts Of Cameras Past

Among the short list of things I wasn't allowed to have as a child (besides the typical no sugar, no barbie dolls and heaven forbid I listen to the backstreet boys), I also wasn't allowed to have a camera. Too expensive to develop the film is what my mom said, but I secretly was convinced I could be a famous photographer if someone would just let me get my hands on a camera. Shockingly, when I got my first camera (one of the first generation digital point and shoots) I couldn't take one decent picture. Two more point&shoots and an old Minolta DSLR later, and I was slowly improving. Upgraded to a brand new Olympus DSLR in 2003 and shot my first wedding. I don't even want to go back and see what I think of it now, but at the time I was stoked... and hooked.

I'm sure that in another five years I'll look back at the photos I'm shooting today and see improvements I could have made, things I did wrong, equipment I could have handled better. There will be hundreds of more hours I pour into this craft and profession that may never make me famous, but certainly does make me do a happy dance inside. And it's kind of like that elusive carrot on a stick, I'm always convinced the next step forward is going to be the best one...and then I discover you actually have to take another step, and another.

And so for all the people who love photography too, this blog will (hopefully) be filled with tips, rants, pictures and just generally all things photography.


{lauryl} said...

Photography blog too, eh? Very nice! You will of course let me know as soon as images from B&D's wedding are ready, right? I'm soooo anxious to see them...