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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Happens...

Q: What happens when a fun loving sorority girl stays up all night talking and swapping ACT scores with a handsome but serious dude?

A: They fall in love and get married of course!


I did Danielle's headshots back when I was pregnant with the sprite baby, then earlier this year I hung out with both her and her fiance Ben where we (er...I) may or may not have gotten lost, met at the beach, taken engagement photos, and then gone out to lunch where for some inexplicable reason I detailed the horrors of having your belly cut open and a child extracted via c-section. True story. And yet, after all that, they still wanted me to take their wedding photos.

There were so many fabulous details and wonderful pictures from the day, I couldn't choose which ones to put here. Ironically, fate intervened and Adobe Lightroom gave me the message of death telling me to pour the blood of my first born son over the keyboard or else it was leaving in eternal doom. No worries though, the pictures are safe and backed up on numerous hardrives and external devices in case of just such emergency, and my wonderful husband is fixing the problem. Ah the joys of switching from jpeg to raw, I'm feeling the love already.
These are the images that I managed to get off before the program commited suicide, so enjoy a teaser and I'll be back with more pictures, more excitement and more about the ongoing struggle between jpeg and raw.


{lauryl} said...

OMG! So excited!!! I'm pinching these images to share on my blog, too. The bouquet looks so pretty, now I really cannot wait to see more. I knew you would not disappoint. ;-)

JessL said...

Lovely!! Great job!